A little History

The store opened in 1953 by The Mann Family and it was permanently closed in 2008, until 2013 when the Marin Family reopened it as a full service furniture store. Just like the Mann family we take pride in our products and services. We carry top quality Furniture and Mattress. Our selection is as extensive as it is inexpensive. We don't spend all our money on adds, we have grown with word of mouth and we are thankful. 

At Brooklyn Queens Furniture Store, we take pride on our commitment to our neighborhood, to give everyone the best product for a lot less. 

We are going to start offering some of our best product online, that can be dropped, shipped or picked-up in store. For now, we hope to service your Mattress needs.

Thank you

Amazing service and gave me a high quality product that I don't think I could get anywhere else.

Adam Pettway

The customer service here is absolutely outstanding. I bought my queen set here the quality and prices are just amazing... Definitely a GEM in New York Your missing out if you dont check it out. 🏆🏆🏆 

Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California


If you would like to come in and see what else we sell, come on by! We would love to help you with your next Furniture Order...

Brooklyn Queens Furniture and Things

329 Knickerbocker Avenue Brooklyn NY 11237

Store Hours 

Monday - Saturday 

10am - 8pm


12 noon - 5pm